Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Keyword Research Tool

New Online Keyword Research Tool - KeywordIndex

I have just discovered a great new resource for your keyword research. And it is totally free. KeywordIndex allows you to search and find good keywords for your articles for your website or blog.

To succeed on the internet we all know the importance of choosing the correct keywords for the search engines and if you use PPC, the wrong keywords can be a costly mistake.

I tested this new keyword research tool out yesterday and was blown away by the ease of use and the quality and quantity of words that were returned. Your search terms can also be run thru Google Trends, Google
Insights and Bing XRrank. The keywords can also be sorted by word or number.

When I used the Bing XRrank it returned suggestions that were not shown in the Google lists. I was able to drill down my main keyword and was pleased with the results that were returned. I very easily copied my findings into an excel spreadsheet.

The site also offers a Free White Paper which lets you assess the following data:
Common Mistakes to Avoid
The Finacial Value of your Keywords
How to Increase Sales
How to get more Targeted Traffic

This tool was recommended thru Axandra Newsletter and it appears to be another great resource to get your keywords correct before you begin your SEO work. The link to KeywordIndex:

I hope this helps you with your online success.

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