Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bahama's Red Cross Thanks Global Village for Aid to Haiti

Global Village Is Partnering with The Bahamas Red Cross - Aid for Haiti

On Tuesday, January 27th, the Bahamas Red Cross delivered a Plane Load of Food and Medical Supplies.  Over 50% of the Plane had supplies donated by Global Village and your contributions.

Yank Barry, the founder of Global Village has been on the ground in Haiti and he has seen first hand the huge task that will be required to rebuild Haiti.  The Bahamas Red Cross has a warehouse full of supplies donated by our organization and we desperately need planes to fly the additional supplies down to Haiti.

As quoted by a Bahamas Red Cross Volunteer..."If it wasn't for Global Village they would not have the amount of food that is required urgently in Haiti".  We are there on the ground, we are getting the supplies to where the need is.

Within a few weeks, we will have our own live feeds coming directly from Haiti.  These feeds will allow you to see where you money is going when you become a Villager and to see the progress that we are making and will continue to make in Haiti.  We expect to be in Haiti for at least a year..we also have a planned trip this summer to the Phillipines.

Please consider making a one time donation by going to the website and clicking the "Donate to Haiti" button or become a Villager and help us to sustain our efforts. 100% of your donation goes directly to food and medical supplies to Hait.  Global Village has no administration fees or service fees.  Your donations are making a difference.

Click here to access the website:
A Day Without Hunger
Thank you
Jackie Bigford
Leadership Team
Global Village Market


Dave and Dawn Cook said...


That is wonderful to see all the support they are giving. In times like these you find certain people and groups stand tall above others and that is a sign of true leadership.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

Dave and Dawn

Nancy Burke Barr said...

You are doing such important work and I really appreciate that you are letting us know about these important issues!


Nancy Burke Barr
"Mentor Mama"

Bill C said...

Lots to do there I'm sure, and we can continue to help for a long time. Thank you for this and many prayers and thoughts going Hait's way.