Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cove - Where Are you Now

"Where are You Now" a video in response to the PSA video "The Cove My Friend Is"

When the A-List Stars made the video to bring attention to the tragedy that is Taiji, The Cove those of us who have been working day and night to get this message out and to see an end to the annual slaughters were thrilled...finally we thought..these Stars are onboard...finally their very celebrity will shine a light on Taiji and finally their presence and power would make a difference...fade to....where are they...the DOLPHINS NEED their FRIENDS...The Dolphins NEED these very celebrities to stand on the beach in Taiji...they need to bring the power of the press...many do not know that there is a forced news blackout in Japan...Where are you NOW???

Please circulate this video, please visit it and comment and rate it on Youtube..lets make this go viral and get the attention of these STARS.

Thank you for sharing and caring about our Dolphin Friends ~~><(((ยบ>~

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