Monday, February 27, 2006

My Professional Profile

I thougtht that it was important for you to know my professional background. After all, how can you get to trust me and follow my recommendations if you know nothing about me.

I have been working for the past 30+ years (and no, I am not going to give you my age, but you do the math). I have always been somewhat of a rebel and many have called me a trendsetter. I certainly have had many battles over the years fighting for my rights and the rights of others in the workplace. I was usually the person that my peers turned to when they had a problem to solve or a dilemna to work out. I relished in taking on these battles. When I strongly believe in an issue I will pursue it to it's resolution.

Today, the stats say that the average working person will experience 5 to 6 different careers. In my day (you know the story - I had to walk 5 miles in the cold blizzards to shcool) you had a career from cradle to grave. Here again is where I was different from the mass. I have had 5 very different and very distinct careers to this point and I am embarking on the 6th - Internet Marketing.

The common thread in all of these different career paths is that I started at the bottom and worked very hard and rose to the top to be very successful in them all. I am nobody special and do not have a University Degree, I always say that I have a Degree in Life - hard work in = rewards out. I did return to school in my 40's to receive a college diploma. I studied micorcomputer business applications and graduated with an honours diploma. I am very proud of this accomplishment. I also learned something about myself. I loved going back to school. I hated school in my teens and coudn't wait to start working and earning money. If I could afford it, I think that I would become a life-long college student.

I have always been a life-long learner and have numerous certifications. This is probably the most difficult learning environment to-date for me. Fist of all, I find the isolation hard to adapt to. You have no one to bounce ideas off of or to ask your basic questions to. The other factor in the learning curve of Internet Marketing is that you have to pay for most of your resources out of direct pocket and it is very diffucult to know who and what you can trust.

Here is a general overview of the different positions that I have held ;

  1. Retail Store Manager - approximately 10 years working with high-end jewellery, sales in excess of $2 million, staff of 12
  2. Assistant Bank Manager - approximately 10 years, responsible for $10 million lending portfolio
  3. Admittance Counsellor - 2 years working on a college campus as an admittance counseller (fancy name for sales) screening applicants for admittance to the college.
  4. Facilitator/Administator - 2 years working with unemployed clients training the required skills to market themselves to re-enter the job market
  5. Project Management - 2 years as the Civilian Project Co-ordinator for the local Crime Stoppers Program

The last several years I have worked on a contract basis and have moved on as the existing contracts have finished. I am now focussing my time and energy on launching my on-line business.

I believe strongly in giving back to the community and have volunteered for various organizations. I have held the post of Fund-Raising Chair for the Canadian Cancer Society, Recording Secretary for Crime Stoppers, Canvasser for the Kidney Foundation and worked for Easter Seals, and local hospital benefits.

The most rewarding aspect of all of the various positions that I have had is that of trainer. I love to know a subject inside out and then pass it on. I have given dozens of seminars on various subjects over the years, my favourite being "Customer Service". I have always been very successful in sales over the years because I follow the golden rule "treat your customer as you yourself wish to be treated". As simple as that philosophy may seem, I am constantly amazed at the level of poor customer service that I encounter. I am sure that you have your own horror story or stories to share. I would love to hear about them.

Well I hope that the above information has given you insight as to who I am professionally and that you will check back in once and awhile to say hi. I've enjoyed sharing by background with you, until next time I will leave you with the following:

Teachers open the door for you, but you must enter by yourself. -Chinese Proverb

Jackie Bigford

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