Friday, March 24, 2006

It Must Be Spring

Surely spring has arrived. While I was filling my outdoor bird feeders this morning the unmistakable song of a lone robin filled the air. The first sounds of the robin returning brought true joy to my soul. It didn't matter that I was standing in two feet of snow, I know the big melt is not far off.

It seems that I just sat down at my computer in early January and looked up for a moment, and there was Spring. As any of you who are new to this business know, you can spend hours seated in front of our screens and you just don't see the time go by. I have been so involved in researching and reading and learning the last three months have just flown by.

I am so glad that it is Spring, that means only one thing, Spring Clean-up, and no I don't mean housework. If you could see my desk and office, wait, you can't see my desk for the piles of folders and papers, the floor, forget it.
The really ironic thing about the state of my office is that I am an Organizational Specialist, or I was in my offline life. I loved to clean up others peoples mess, in the business world, not the household world.

There are so many post-it notes, in every colour imagineable, stuck all over the place and on top of each other it takes me forever to wade thru the pile of them. I also have four kittens that live with me and they love to sleep in front of my computer monitor. Their tails are forever full of skicky post-it-notes. And you know what happens then, they no longer stick to anything, so they go into a pile. I'm not going to win any awards this year as the Most Organinzed Internet Marketer that's for sure.

That's just the paper mess, we don't even want to talk about my hard-drive or e-mail nightmare. I have downloaded so much free stuff and in the beginning didn't have the forethought to create proper folders and catagories for everything. I accumulated so much because of the free give-a-way programs that were available during the Xmas season.

I've learned my lesson and I am much more organized for the big Spring promotions that are underway. If you don't know what these big give-a-ways are all about then head over to They have just started and the downloads will be available until April 5th. Coincidentally, my birthday, and no I am not going to tell you my age. Read my Professional Profile located on this blog and you do the math! lol

There is some great stuff and the best thing is that you will be signed up onto these marketers mailing lists. If you are a newbie, this is a great place to gather all kinds of free information. The truly professional marketers will be giving you all kinds of free advice and materials. Of course they will also slip in a sales recommendation once in a while, that's okay. They need to make a living, just like we do.

You will find some are better than others. After you have given them a fair trial and you find that they are not providing you with the info that you require just hit your delete button at the bottom of your e-mails. The work that it takes to sign-up for all of the downloads is well worth the effort. I have learned more in three months with their guidance than I could have in a year on my own.

Well, back to the messy desk and office. I came across a great tool the other day. Instead of paper post-it-notes, the 3M company have developed a digital version. It helps to organize your lists, plan projects, personalize messages with photos and even has an alarm to remind you of appointments and important dates.

I have just down-loaded my 30 day free trial version and can't wait to see if will tame my sea of orange, purple, green and yellow paper stuck everywhere. If you want your free trial just go to

Follow the trail from the U.S to Products and Services. You will find a search box to the right and just type in: post-it-notes. This will take you to their internal listings, click on post-it notes Home and it will take you to a new page where you can download the trial version. It took under a minute with high-speed, but the file is small so it shouldn't take that long with dial-up.

Let me know if you find this helpful, and happy organizing. Please visit my other blogs at
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Thanks for joining me and comments are always appreciated.

It Must Be Spring

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