Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In the Spirit of Giving

T'is Better to Give than Receive!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me - today is my birthday! In the spirit of giving I have compiled a list of free links for some really neat tools. I have been gathering this cool stuff for the past couple of months and there are some real time savers here. Hope they help you in your own online business.

Neat Stuff for Keyword Research


In order to get the best results of matching customers that are searching for products or services you need to find the related keywords that are the most effective and bring targeted results to your site


This is a handy tool that shows you the keywords for a given URL (website address)


This is the link for Wordtracker Academy which is a free site where you will learn about the features and tools of wordtracker which takes you to the level of search engine marketing specialists

More Neat Stuff


The site is called Bable Fish Translator, a free translation site. You can translate a block of text or a full web page


A must have for Clickbank Affiliates, this is a handy tool to generate Sales Links for any product in the Clickbank Marketplace


This neat tool is called Adwords Wrapper. It takes a list of keywords and prepares it for use in your Google Adwords Campaigns. To access this tool, go the bottom of the page and you will see in small print, Adwords Wrapper, click and it will take you to the appropriate page.


Because of the policy changes with Affiliates advertising with Google Adwords you should consider this free Landing Page Tool. Read the following for your information

Excerpt From Google AdWords Update(1/6/05):

"With this new affiliate policy, we'll only display one ad per search query for affiliates and parent companies sharing the same URL. This way, users will have a more diverse sampling of advertisements to choose from. As always, your ad will be displayed based on its Ad Rank for given searches, which is determined by a combination of your ad's maximum cost-per-click (price) and clickthrough rate (performance).
For instance, if a user searches for books on or anywhere on the Google search and content networks, Google will take an inventory of ads running for the keyword books. If we find that two or more ads compete under the same URL, we'll display the ad with the highest Ad Rank."


If you are using PLR (private label rights) articles then this is a very handy tool. It will give you an advantage to rewrite your articles to some extent to make your articles unique


This neat tool takes those long ugly urls and cloaks your affiliate id's as well as shortens them. This makes sure that there are no breaks in the url. Which one would you rather be showing to the world?

Here is an example of how it looks before and after:


This is a free tool that helps you to organize your online information.

8. Free Screensavers and Wallpapers

This is the link for free Screen Savers and Wallpaper. Lots of great niche savers

Free Give-a-Way Sites

You must take advantage of these sites asap as they will only be up and available for the next several weeks. There is soo much to download that you might want to pick and choose wisely. I suggest that you set up a seperate folder on your hard-drive for each of the give-a-ways. You will find it easier to locate in the future. Be prepared to sign up to alot of mailing lists, so I also suggest that you set up a seperate e-mail. Don't use hotmail, I use Yahoo for these free downloads and it won't cost you a dime. Happy Downloading!


This is a joint venture sponsored by Brad Smith. He is a great guy, I e-mailed him for details and he spent alot of thought and time in his response to my query. There is so much to download that it will take you several days to get thru it all.


This was suppose to end today but it is going to run until April 21st. because of the huge demand. I got some really great stuff from this site


This is a huge contest with some great prizes. Check it out.

Finally, if you need some inspiration or just need a break to mellow out check out these two sites.

1. Click Here! Dream Interview With God

2. - 6 Multi-Media Flash Presentations

That's all for this birthday, I truly hope that you were able to find something to find inspiration in and you are free to pass this along. Please keep the resource box intact. That's your birthday present to me.

Jackie Bigford
It's My Birthday

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Belated Happy Birthday! Great blog, keep those articles coming, I enjoy your sense of humour and style of writing. Thanks for all of the free info. I will definatley bookmark your site.