Monday, July 27, 2009

Twitter Basics

Twitter Basics

I am new to Twitter myself, so I am by no means an expert but I noticed several comments on my Facebook Wall of people not really too sure what all the fuss was about.

According to what I have read and listened to, if you are not using Twitter as a stream to make more money with your Online Business then you are losing out on a huge opportunity. If you are not familiar with Perry Belcher then you should definately put his name into your search engine. He has quite abit to say about the importance of Social Networking, especially Twitter.

The first thing I did before I signed up was to go to and put in my keywords and phrases to see what would come up. Each keyword phrase took me to a different set of followers and I quickly realized that I could send out the same message, change the keywords around and reach a totally different set of followers. Take a look at, it will show you all of the different posts that I have made in only a couple of minutes. These posts have gained me over 40 followers in under 24 hours. The stats on my page may show less because I deleted some questionable requests.

The thing that you want to consider before you sign up is the name that you want to use. There are several good blogs that address this issue, just type in user name for twitter and it will take you to a couple of them. Have a few in mind, as the first three that I wanted were already taken. In the end I am happy with JackiesBuzz. What do you think, is it a keeper??? You have the ability to go in and change your user name at any time but you could lose followers that way.

The beauty here is that you can have hundreds if not thousands of followers in a very short time, because you have the option of adding every follower that is following the person that has requested to follow you. If you are confused, once you sign up and make a couple of posts to your targeted audience, you will start to receive emails of people who want to follow you. You have to option to accept them or delete them.You may also choose to not have your email linked. I do not follow everyone and I do not link to all of there followers, I choose quality over quantity, that is a personal decision that each of must make.

Of course with each post you point them to the url that you wish them to see, be it your website, blog or affiliate link. My posts were to direct them to a Free Membership site that I am an affiliate for. This site is directly related to making money with Twitter so I am offering something for nothing and it is a great opportunity to those that take advantage to help their business along - win/win.

If you really don't know which keywords to target or you want to test things out, start using this in your first couple of posts "New to Twitter" and let the rest take care of itself. Keep your posts intersting and you will gain a loyal following.

If you are interested in a great New Membership Site (it's free) to help monetize your Tweet experience then check this out: Tweet Tycoon Membership Site I am using the free membership at the moment and will upgrade very shortly. I want to beat the price increase, but at $4.95 a month it is a steal.

Here are some interesting links for you to check out:

Drop back and let me know what your thoughts are and I hope that this post has been able to answer some of your questions.

"Doubt Can Only Be Removed by Action"

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