Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are You a Tweet-A-Holic?

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If you are not one yet, then get ready, it is a seductive and consuming addiction, but lots of fun :-) I've been on Twitter for a couple of weeks now. I should be tweeting more often but find that the summertime is crazy busy for me. I will certainly be back for my Tweeter fixes soon, but in the meantime I wanted to pass along some of the Twitter sites that I have come across in my Tweet Travels.

I hope that this lists benefits you with all things Twitter. - Twitter Automation (set up a account first, this is a free site to shorten or cloak your links - - this is a site to check to see if you are complying to Twitter rules (tweet your grade and ask for responses) - this site tells you how to follow people on Twitter - this site is the Yellow Pages of Twitter, use the search tool to find the highest ranked in your niche - this site tracks trends and events - allows you to find people in your geographic region for your niche - this site shows you who you are following and who is NOT following you - this site shows you people like you - a Twitter Directory sorted by interest - this tool will automatically find people who are compatible with your interests - this site allows you to search for similar users and adertise your Twitter page - search Keywords on Twitter - this site allows you to search Twitter Users and Topics - this site lets you find out the latest conversations on Twitter - the most talked about stories on Twitter - the top ten Twitter users - another site for top Twitter users - the top 150 Twitter's the most popular links on Twitter - add pics to your tweets - I love this one, temporarily turn off anyone who is "loud" ie: sending way too many tweets about the same thing - Post your blog to Twitter thru your RSS Feed - a Wordpress Plugin that lets you intergrate Twitter with your blog - sends your Tweets to your blog - automatically updates your Twitter account when you publish a new post to your blog - imports your Tweets to your Delicious account - Twitter backgrounds - free Twitter buttons, very simple to use

If this doesn't give you a Twitter hang-over, I don't know what would. Take two Tweets and see me in the morning :)

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Jackie Bigford
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Ian Traynor said...

Many thanks for sharing this info with us, Jackie.


Ian T

Cynthia Albright said...

Wow! Lots of info here. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

I am re-reading the twitter guides Ian gave us. Not sure how to start. I have always been 'the quiet one.' LOL!

Like I told Ian, I will just put one foot forward and do it.

Thanks again for the info,
Cynthia Albright