Saturday, September 05, 2009

Is Your Internet Marketing Success Stalled?

Is your Internet Marketing Success Stalled?

Three years ago, I made an attempt to make money online, a huge flop by the way. I didn't make a dime. I spent months, hours and mega moolah and nothing worked for me.

As I look back and analyze I know where I made alot of mistakes. I am the type of person that will not proceed without knowing everything about a subject (the trainer in me). Of course in the word of Internet Marketing you can never keep ahead of the curve, it changes so quickly.

I never decided on just one course to take (ie: Affiliate Marketing, CPP (cost per action), PPC (pay per action) Product Creation; you get the picture. The end result of trying to learn all the different systems was a big fat zero. I never finished anything that I started.

This resulted in extreme frustraton, inaction, fear of failure and worst of all- I gave up trying to make any sort of impact or living from Online Marketing. I just didn't have the belief or the Mindset for Success. If this sounds like you, if you are frustrated with your progress then I have something for you to think about.

Maybe you should go back to the beginning and examine why you are not able to move forward. If you are on the mailing lists of some of the Internet Marketing Gurus then you have probably been exposed to the series of Videos being sold by Tony Robbins. For those of you who are not familiar with Tony Robbins, he is a Motivational Speaker. Yes, you are sent to a free video which is in reality a sales pitch to get you to buy into a complete series of interviews with some of the top minds on the internet today. I cannot comment on the quality of this series, as I did not purchase after listening to the free video. Quite frankly, I was disappointed that the series was being sold as the intent is to help those that need it the most, the Newbies or those Internet Marketers that just can't make it happen.

In the spirit of helping anyone who is just stuck, I have some great news, I am offering Free Access to my "Silver Membership Club" "SUCCESS UPGRADE".

I want you to promise me and more importantly, yourself "That YOU Will Take Action" and not just download my offer and let it sit in hard-drive dust!!!

This is a Lifetime Free Membership. Access to this "Silver Membership Site" is normally $27.00. You will have access to Free Reports, Audio and Video and expert tips from people who have succeeded. There is a great "Action Taking WorkBook" to help jumpstart your ONLINE MARKETING CAREER.

You may have all the desire, passion and knowledge to make more money. So what do you lack? The right mindset! Success isn't about how much you know or how much you want it. Success comes through training your mind to think the correct way.

Success Upgrade gives you that training! You'll get a self assessment test to see if you've got what it takes to succeed. And you'll learn the seven ways that successful people think.

Click here to get more information.

Visit the link on that page, it will take you to the Paid Sign-Up page, this is for info only, do not sign up on the link, It will cost you $27 if you do!

I'm giving you a "back door" pass which will get you in completely FREE.. Just fill out the info here:

When you sign up, you will be prompted to Uprade to "Gold Membership Level". This is a one time fee for Lifetime Membership. Remember.. "SILVER" is good but "GOLD MEMBERSHIP" gives you much, much more. It will cost you a lot less if you "go for Gold" before you log in for the first time.

Of course, if you decide to just stay with the Silver Membership you will still have access to some great Free Material.

I hope that you find my "Success Upgrade Membership Club" informative and helpful. Please return to my blog, I will have some exciting news about another Free Membership Site about getting that all important Internet Traffic to you website or blog.


Jackie Bigford
Success Upgrade

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