Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Social Vibe - Pay it Forward!

Social Vibe Charity Donations!

One of my favourite sayings of the decade is "Pay It Forward". It means different things to different people. I myself have long been involved with donating my time and financial support to my community and thru charitable donations.

Not everybody has the time, energy, expertise or the financial werewithal to be as involved as others, but just helping an elderly person cross the street, putting out food for starving cats or wildlife, doing something to bring a smile to another person's face, this is all "Paying it Forward".

Blogger is doing their part. They have partnered with the Social Vibe Charity to raise money for a variety of organizations - World Wildlife Foundation, Nature Conservatory, Invisible Children to name just a few.

They have added a gadget that once installed on your blog makes money for the charity of your choice. There is no out of pocket donation required, you just need to click on the button and every time you engage with the gadget money is raised.

WIN/WIN - Social Vibe has earned over $500,000.00 for charities todate.

If you are interested in adding a Social Vibe gadget to your website, follow these instructions:

Go to Blogger Dashboard, click Layout Tab, click Add a Gadget Link, click on "Featured" select Social Vibe - choose your cause, click save!

You can also add a gadget to other networks, such as Facebook, MySpace or Wordpress, just sign up at

Please join the Blogger community and let's make a positive change together, add a Social Vibe gadget to your site and together we can make a difference, one person at a time.

Thanks for stopping in and if you think this article has value please pass this on, Bookmark my site and visit often, e-mail to your address book,the more people who are aware of this opportunity to help, the better.

Jackie Bigford
Newbie Profits Now

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Dave and Dawn Cook said...

Very cool concept and post Jackie!

Thanks for sharing.

Dave and Dawn