Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Value of a Penny!

I was out for my daily walk and happened upon two shiny pennies. I immediatley bent down to pick them up and put them in my pocket. As I continued walking, I smiled to myself and wondered just how many people would have done the same. Take my poll, I suspect 85% would not pick them up. I will post the results on Twitter at the end of the poll, for those of you that are curious!

I remember when a penny could buy you a piece of candy (I'm ageing myself)when the phrase penny pinching meant you really had to think about what you spent your money on because times were tight. Today, of course we face some tough times but with inflation, I guess the phrase would be dollar pinching.

I throw all of our loose change into a jar, pennies included, and at the end of the year I deposit the proceeds into my niece's education fund. This got me to thinking, how many people would have just left those pennies on the ground because they had no value to them. This got me to thinking, when someone offers something for free on the Internet, how many people will think that it has no value.

Granted, alot of stuff out there is garbage, not just the free stuff but more insulting the paid products that overpromise and under deliver. Who do you believe and who do you trust? I won't always be able to offer everything that I write about for free, actually what I am about to offer you for Free, I usually charge $27.00 for.

My thought is to make you bend over and pick up that penny, it does have value, one penny leads to another and before you know it, you have 100 pennies. The same analagy can be used in Internet Marketing, if you are struggling, if you just don't know where to start, if you need some good basic material to aid you in your Internet Success, you need to start one small step at a time, they really do add up.

I am going to offer you FREE ACCESS to not ONE but to FIVE "Silver Membership Clubs".

This is my way of filling up your penny jar. You have to promise me that you will take action, that you will read the FREE VALUABLE REPORTS, that you will not join the clubs, download everything and then just let the information sit in hard-drive dust.

Here are your FIVE FREE "Silver Membership" sites:

1. Traffic Generation Club- http://bit.ly/GikME

2. Affiliate Profits Club - http://bit.ly/uGSK3

3. E Marketers Club - http://bit.ly/13SL4s

4. Web Profits Club - http://bit.ly/Z9r6H

5. Success Upgrade Club - http://bit.ly/9FxIo

When you reach the sign up page you will see a link, click on this link for information about the Club, do not sign up through this link, it will cost you, just return to the initial page, fill in your details and you will gain immediate access to written reports, audio recordings, video tutorials and many other great features.

When you sign up you will be prompted to upgrade to a Gold Level Membership. This is pre-coded to encourage you to upgrade, this is not my intent, I really wanted to offer you something of value for FREE.

These sites will be of no interest to experenced Internet Marketers unless you want to explore how to set up a quality Membership site, then by all means, be my guest, after all, all 5 "Silver Membership Sites" are totally free. They are designed with Newbie Internet Marketers in mind.
If after you have had a poke around, read thru the various reports and listened to the audio, watched the videos and would like to upgrade, do not do it thru the sites as it will cost you double to sign up. Just shoot me an email to: NewbieProfitsNow@Bell.Net and I will send you details to take the upgrade at half the price :-)

By the way, these sites have a one time fee, there will be no further billing like many of the Membership Sites out there. I am not a particular fan of recurring billing sites, not because they do not offer value, some are worth every penny but when you are struggling to make money online, you need to pick and choose where you want to spend your money.

My advice is to make note of the paid membership sites and once you have started to see $$$ in, then would be the time to invest.

Thank you for stopping in.

Jackie Bigford
Newbie Profits Now


Luke Sidewalker said...

Ah Jackie, this is a subject that is very dear to my heart. Without doubt it should be picked up! I have found coins in the most interesting places, I try to document all my finds on my blog.

I voted 100% Yes on this one. Keep up the good work.

-Luke Sidewalker

Suzanne Franco said...

Jackie ~ I am just like you and I ALWAYS pick up money - yes, even pennies. I too keep a jar for all of my change and it's time to go cash it in. I personally believe it's somewhat of an attraction thing ... if I disrespect money by leaving it there I will repel money instead of attracting it in LOL Thanks for the thought provoking post. I look forward to your new site and please do let me know if I can help in any way. *SmiLes* Suzanne