Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feed The Children

Feed the Children ~ End World Hunger ~ Feed Starving Children Worldwide

I am involved with an organization "Global Village Market"...for the past 15 years they have delivered over 300 million meals around the world to Feed Starving Children and have a target of reaching 500 million meals delivered to starving children and adults by the end of the 2010. The major objective is to achieve "A Day Without Hunger" by December 31st. 2010.

Why did I become involved with this particular organization:  Ending World Hunger is an almost unsurmountable task, they are meeting the issues head on and I liked the culture of this company, it ticked all of the right boxes:

-longevity with a proven track record
-ability to hit the ground running (large worldwide volunteer base)
-the food actually gets thru to the children in need ~Major celebrities accompany the food
-the food that is being delivered is a soy based food and is not spoilt by the time it reaches it's destination
-recipient of several world wide Humanitarian Awards
-not only feeding starving children overseas but affiliated with several organizations and food banks in North America
-transparency with quarterly reports as to where the money has been spent
-major fund-raising projects in the planning stages involving the entertainment world

This organization was founded by Yank Barry (former lead singer of the Kingsmen ~ Louis~Louis) and the very first Champion to on-board was Muhammed Ali. Since then dozens of well known celebrities, world leaders, politicians, entertainers and private corporations have joined in the help to raise money to eliminate worldwide hunger. For an in-depth profile of Yank Barry and his company VitaPro that funds this program visit http://www.yankbarry.com/biography.php

Until this year, Global Village Market has been funded privately by Yank Barry and his circle of  friends. In order to reach the goal set for this year "A Day Without Hunger" by December 31st. 2010 they have developed a grass-roots program to on-board anyone who wants to join this worthy cause to raise the much needed funds.

To thank donors they have designed a "Refer a Friend" program ...the recurring monthly payment of $49.95  ($1.65 a day apprx.) can be covered simply by referring 5 others to the cause...if you have a large circle of friends the program pays a 20% thank you for the first level of referrals and pays 5% for the next two levels. This is not an MLM program, the website has a great explanation..go to the "Our Vision" tab and click on Opportunity.

It is a wonderful way to raise money and be able to make a little to either re-invest into another philanthropic cause or just to have a little extra for ones-self. Any Non-Profit Organization can become involved with the potential to raise substantial revenues to re-invest into their own programs.  Please send me an email for more details and  I will make personal phone call to explain how this can benefit you.

Here is the link to the website. http://jackieb.gogvm.com ~ please take a minute to look around...if this is something that you wish to get involved with you will have a full website just like the one you are visiting and a full back office and a community resource centre so you know what is happening with the program and funds that you are raising. I could go into more details but the website has been designed to answer most if not all of your questions.

One of the beauties of this program is that you can choose where your money is going..you decide which part of the world you want to feed a starving child in...your contribution guarantees that one meal (usually the only meal) is delivered daily to a child for the full 30 days. For the cost of  loose change you can feed a hungry child somewhere in the world.

WIN/WIN ~ Hope to see you on the inside and lets work together to make a difference. Let's build the best organization, lets END WORLD HUNGER!

Jackie Bigford

ps: If you have any questions or would like me to give you a call please email me at mealsforchildren@gmail.com I will be in touch asap

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