Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helping with the Disaster Relief in Haiti

Global Village Market, an International Organization that has been delivering food, medical supplies and whatever the need for over 15 years has the ability to move quickly in situations as devastating as Haiti. (See post below for more details)

Via the Bahamas Red Cross, Global Village today is shipping the following supplies:

Bottled Water
Vita Pro (meals)

Please consider joining us by becoming a Villager and donating to not only this disaster relief but helping us continue our fight to end world hunger and reach our goal of "A Day without Hunger" by December 2010.

Please bookmark this blog as I will be continually updating our progess.  We have joined forces with 'The Bill Clinton Foundation" and many more shipments of supplies will be sent to the various Red Cross programs from throughout North America.

If you have any questions please contact me here

Here is the link to make your contribution 
A Day Without Hunger

Tomorrow please check back as I will be posting a video from the Chairman of Global Village Market, Yank Barry updating the progress we have made and what we are working on in the immediate future. We will also have a Donation Link for Haiti added to the website up and running soon where you can donate the amount of your choosing..we appreciate any and all help.

Thank you and lets all make a difference.
Jackie Bigford

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