Thursday, January 14, 2010

Global Village Market Haiti Aid Update

You can now make a contribution between 5 and 50 dollars through the GVM website and all of the money will go to the needy to provide food and essential supplies.

Go to the website and click on the Haiti button.  

A Day Without Hunger

Thursday, January 14th, Global Village Market delivered our first truckload of supplies to the Bahamas Red Cross for distribution in Haiti.  GVM, the Bahamas Red Cross and the International Red Cross will receive field reports to confirm the distribution of food and supplies. GVM also has two of our own people working Haiti already.
Our first shipment included the following supplies: aspirin, rice, beans, dehydrated peas, dehydrated milk, peel-top canned fruits, baby food, grits, biscuits, sardines, canned corn beef, spam, kool-aid, bottled water, t-shirts and blankets.
The future of Haiti is uncertain but one fact is evident, they will need ongoing support for the foreseeable future. Consider becoming a Global Village member and help us bring an end to hunger.  
Updates of our progress will be posted regularly on the Facebook Global Village Group Page or this blog so that you can see the difference your contributions are making.  
Global Village Leadership Team

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