Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti Disaster Aid Update Yank Barry Video

 Haiti Disaster Aid Update

Please take a minute to view this important message from the founder of Global Village, Yank Barry

Yank, Muhammad Ali, Gary U.S Bonds are asking for your help in Haiti.  The first million meals have been shipped via the Bahamas Red Cross and we are working behind the scenes in both Canada and and United States with donations of medical supplies and other badly needed supplies.

The need is urgent so if you have been considering making a donation please take a minute to watch the above video and come back here and check out Global Village.  Your donations will go for food and supplies in Haiti. Global Village has no administration fees, no service fees.

You will be able to see the shipping documents stamped by the NGO's in Haiti confirming where and when food and supplies were delivered. This information will be posted on the website.

Thank you for any donations that you are able to help with.  The site has been set up to accept a one time donation or you can become a "Villager" and contribute monthly ($1.65 per day) and help us continue with our fight to end world hunger around the world.

Click here to go to the website 
A Day Without Hunger

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A Day Without Hunger

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